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Retro-Corvette Industry
Yesterday's Car, Today.

New Bodies
The Rebirth of America's Favorite Classic Sports Car
The Rebirth of America's favorite Classic Sports Car Every original body part reproduced using hand lay up processes. We have eliminated the spare tire well to make room for the new high temperature exhaust system. Also larger tires will not fit in the old 5 1/2" deep well. This is not a racing shell. Some parts are oversized to allow your body finisher to give you that fine fit you deserve and want.

Trunk Lid - Top Cover - Hood comes assembled with mounting plates in place. Doors will come unassembled. All four corner body plates are installed, as well as rocker panel struts ('56 - '62 only).
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1953 thru 1955

Spare tire wheel well to fit the 5 1/2 original tires, $250.00

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'53-62 - Cableless w/s wiper assembly by Rain Gear

  • Standard 2 Speed Switch $429.95
  • Intermittent/Delay Switch $474.95

Concept Corvair PrintCorvair

GM's 1954 Motorama show debuted a Corvair concept, stunningly rendered here as a special-edition signed and numbered print.

Back to the Future normally builds new Corvette bodies for 1953-'62 variants, but Bob Mangold was so taken with the styling of GM's dream car that he decided to build 10 tribute cars for discriminating enthusiasts. To commemorate the project, Bob commissioned a limited number of prints of the Corvair concept rendering. Produced on 100 pound white velvet- finish stock, each print measures 18X26 inches and is perfect for framing and displaying in your office or shop. If you can't afford to put one of Back to the Future's striking tribute cars in your garage, this is the next best way to keep the GM concept power dream alive.

$125.00 + S&H (Excerts from article in Muscle Machines November 2009 issue)

corvairCorvairMotorama Retro Corvair

Introducing the beautiful 1954 GM Motorama retro Corvair a limited number of these cars will be built on a custom order basis only.


  1. Custom chassis utilizing C5-C6 suspension
  2. 5Speed or automatic transmission
  3. New E-Class GM engines, smog legal in all states
  4. Air conditioning
  5. Audio
  6. 17" tires and wheels
  7. Custom upholstery

Starting at $155,000.00 Assembled by the finest craftsman, such as Duane Mayer at American Hot Rods Inc. in California.


Distributors for Art Morrison "G" force chassis, Tray Walden's Street Shop chassis.

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