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Retro-Corvette Industry
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New Bodies
The Rebirth of America's Favorite Classic Sports Car
Every original body part reproduced using hand lay up processes. We have eliminated the spare tire well to make room for the new high temperature exhaust system. Also larger tires will not fit in the old 5 1/2" deep well. This is not a racing shell. Some parts are oversized to allow your body finisher to give you that fine fit you deserve and want.

Trunk Lid - Top Cover - Hood comes assembled with mounting plates in place. Doors will come spot glued together so your body finisher can separate and install your window mechanisms much easier. Then he can bond inner and outer together for final fit and finish. All four corner body plates are installed, as well as rocker panel struts ('56-'62 only), under dash w/s support system.

1961 and 1962

Spare tire wheel well to fit the 5 1/2" original tires $250.00

Two restorable Corvettes were cut apart to build all the tooling required for this project. When finished this will be the smoothest fitting body you will ever see, re-engineered from the ground up to todays standards.

Over 500 man hours were expended to get the floor pan smoothed off before tooling began. It is far better than a stock 45 year old half rotted body that you will have to invest 10 - 15 thousand dollars to restore to this standard. The rear wheel wells have been tubbed 2" per side to allow for todays wider tires.

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'61 Body
'61 body

Distributors for Art Morrison "G" force chassis, Tray Walden's Street Shop chassis.

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