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About Us

In 1963 I started a business in Dayton Ohio called B&N Fiberglass. We built all the typical roadster bodies and became nationally known by building parts and entire bodies for Willy’s, Anglias, etc. Our clients included well-known names such as "Ohio" George Montgomery, and hundreds of others.

We were the first to make available the funny car bodies, which was in 1965. Again our clientele was a who’s who of drag racing: Maynard Rupp, Gene Snow, Dick Landy, Sox & Martin, Don Garlits and many others.

I remember in '66 we had just moved our business to New Carlisle, Ohio nothing was set up, not even an air compressor.  I believe it was Emery Cook  who showed up on monday morning with his entire family in tow wanting a '66 Dart body for Don Garlits I was amazed.  Altho the boys at Detroit had called and said Don was interested in one of our cars, no order had been given.  It was scramble time, by friday of that week we had Don's '66 Dart roadster body finished, which included a complete 1 piece top that covered what was the entire passenger compartment, holes for the zoomie exhaust, tires and Don setting in the trunk area.  It was the first full bodied car to turn 200MPH in the quarter mile.  Today it sets in Don's museum in Florida.

In 1967 we built for Chrysler Corporation the hoods and fenders for their Super Stock program. From this we went on to other things.


"Killer Body" ~ Brand X body purchaser, Alaska

"Very nice work" ~ Noland Adams

"This is the way to go" ~ Oney Auto, Calgary, Canada

"Couldn't be happier" ~ Strode Racing, Washington

"Better than original." ~ P.M., Illinois

"If I had it to do over I wouldn't have bought an original and restored it." ~ A.M., Tacoma, Washington

"Best I've seen." ~ T.K., Oklahoma'

"I want your '54 for myself." ~ T.W., "The Street Shop", Alabama

"The quality of the workmanship exceeds all others." ~ W&Y, Alabama

"Why buy an original with 50 year old fiberglass, when you can have a brand new body that needs no work?". ~ B.G. Reno

For the past 10 years we have been restoring 1953 – 1967 Corvette bodies. We could see the quality of cars coming in was deteriorating and soon their would be nothing but junk to work on. Therefore in November of 2004 we decided to close the restoration business and began tooling to build entire Corvette bodies just as factory original.  After two years of development, we are now producing all 1953-1960 Corvette bodies.  Where possible we are improving the fit beyond original specs by making all door skins, hood, trunk and top deck oversized so that they can be custom fitted to your own taste.  We also manufacture all the metal dash supports, body brackets, rocker struts, etc. that were in the original body. Unlike others, we do not make racing shells. We use hand layup and pressure molded parts depending on the model year. This gives us a quality product that rivals the original factory tolerance and in some areas better than factory.

Currently we are starting to re-tool the 1961 – 1962 bodies. These bodies are being re-engineered for today’s retro market. Smoothed out and refined to higher standards than original.

We are proud to offer these new bodies and are looking forward to fulfilling the desires of those who wish to enjoy the new retro chassis with yesterdays classic body styling that you can truly enjoy driving all year long.

We are distributors for Art Morrison “G” force chassis, Tray Walden’s Street Shop chassis, raingear windshield wiper systems, and soon power window units  for 1956-1962 Corvettes.

Take a look at our new bodies and get set to enjoy driving as you remember it to be.

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